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Grand Telecom is a family owned business with 20 years of telephone experience. Our company has grown together with the quick pace of the telephone industry, moving from onsite PBX installations to IP Based systems and now systems in the cloud. We pride ourselves in not just selling you a system, but analyzing your needs, reviewing your current phone bill and giving you a price comparison. This process will show you what you can save, working with your budget, and customizing a solution that works for you.

Whether it means building your own cloud system with the ability for unlimited extensions, hosted (paying per extension), or an onsite VOIP system for those that do not want to rely on the internet for their phones to work. Contact us for more information and to get the process started.


Monitor live what is going on in your call center

This will give you the ability to see the number of calls waiting, the listing of individual callers and to be able pull a call out of the queue. You can listen in to the agent's phone calls and a real time update of their status. VIP customers can get priority over other callers. You can give your customers the option to choose the call back feature and many other custom widgets that can be created to suit your needs. Call us now for a free demo!

Historical Data that Means Something

The system provides clear yet informative reports with all the information a manager would need to get a full picture of what is going on in their call center. This includes average queue times, average handling times and average abandonment rate. You will have the ability to receive an informative list of abandoned calls that get updated and removed if the customer called back and has spoken to an agent already. Contact us today for a free demo!

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Grand Telecom has been serving the tri state area and has experience with large call centers for last 20 years.


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